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Anachemia Chemicals continues to serve the the chemical needs of science, industry, and academia as it has since its founding in 1955.

Specializing in fulfilling the chemical needs of the microelectronics, biology, environmental, pharmaceutical and water/waste water testing industries, Anachemia Chemicals provides a full range of products and services.

Anachemia Chemicals' products include:

  • Acculute — Standardized volumetric solution concentrates packaged in space-saving ampoules or sealed poly bottles
  • Accusolv — Distilled in glass solvents for liquid and gas chromatography, residue analysis and spectrophotometry
  • Accugen — Ultra high purity, glass-distilled or recrystallized reagents for biotechnology and molecular biology applications
  • Solutions — pH buffers, standardized volumetrics, titrants and custom preparations
  • Environmental grade acids — Extremely high purity acids refined through a single or double sub-boiling distillation process
  • Karl Fischer Aquastar — Anachemia is pleased to offer EMD Aquastar reagents for Karl Fischer analysis.

Anachemia Chemicals also provides personalized services including:

  • Custom formulations - Anachemia has the expertise to develop, manufacture and package custom chemicals that meet all customer specifications and deadlines without custom prices.
  • Private label - Let Anachemia Chemicals put your logo on buffers, volumetric solutions and other reagents specific to your market and industry focus.

Anachemia Chemicals products conform to recognized standards and specifications.


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